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The Most Powerful Gift Card Exchange Program

C2Cxchange, the market leader in gift card exchange, provides a Robust and Secure enterprise platform that supports multi-site and ecommerce retailers. Partnering with Raise, your customers can exchange gift cards through the C2Cxchange portal online and at point of sale.

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The Opportunity

Last year, Americans bought a record, $170 billion worth of gift cards.

Over $8 billion in gift cards remain unused.


$170 Billion


Over $8 billion in
gift cards unused

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How it Works

Our custom software offers three ways for your business to exchange gift cards for cash or credit. You can use our app, web portal or API integration, web portal or API integration, risk free, with no investment expense.

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  • Web Portal
  • API Integration
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The C2C Difference

Unlike other exchange programs, C2Cxchange accepts over 500 gift card brands. The transaction is fast, easy and risk free.


Have Any Questions?

What brands of gift cards do you accept?

We accept over 500 of the most popular brands on the market.

Will I receive the full value of the balance on the gift card?

The payout for your card will be a percentage of the value. The values vary by brand, typically based on supply and demand in the marketplace.

Do you accept Merchandise credits?

Many merchandise credits can be used like gift cards. To find out if your brand is one we accept, you must process it through our system. If it is a merchandise credit with restriction, you will not receive a balance value. Checking the balance does not impact the actual balance on the card.

More Questions?

Please email us at info@c2cxchange.com


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